School Leaver

My daughter is in the Millipedes room and she’s leaving today.  She’s starting school in September so she’s starting a new chapter in her life!

I just wanted to email you to let you know how great I think all the staff at Bright Beginnings have been, in particular the Keyworkers in the Millipedes room.

She has excelled in her time at the nursery and she’s learnt new skills that I would have struggled to teach her at home – I’m amazed (after having looked at my daughters profile) how much the Keyworkers teach the kids – but they’re guiding them through things and giving prompts rather than telling them what to do – and I’m sure through this, she has gained masses of self-confidence – in feeling like she’s learning it all herself.  The Keyworkers are really great at guiding the kids and they’re also extremely professional – they do an amazing job and I just wanted you to know (from a parents point of view) just how good I think they are.  They’ve always been there for me when I’ve had questions to ask (including the reception staff and Herjinder), and I’m really grateful that they’ve looked after my daughter so well – I have always felt I was leaving her in a caring and safe place – and that’s a great achievement for a nursery to make a parent feel this way!

She’s had the best fun at the nursery and learnt lots of new things – she’s blossomed into a respectful confident little girl!

I am filling up now, so I must go!

Thanks so much again for taking care of our daughter – myself and my husband really appreciate it as she means the world to us!