To whom it may concern,

Our twin daughters have extensive special educational and disability needs (severe hearing impairment, severe communication difficulties, mobility impairments, and severe learning difficulties, non-verbal); as such they require constant support and supervision at all times.

In the past number of years they have been regularly attending the Playscheme at the Leeds University Bright Beginnings Child Care Centre, during holiday periods.

We highly value this opportunity to attend this play group as without that we would really struggle to provide adequate opportunities for the twins to engage in stimulating and enjoyable activities.

Furthermore, since I work full time at the university, my son has to help my wife to look after the twins and he has become a young carer by default.

Even though he does this very affectionately he has made considerable sacrifices in fulfilling this role. He hardly gets any quality time with us or for himself, but during the time that the twins are in the club; my wife gets the opportunity to attend to his needs.

Due to the complex needs of the twins, it is essential that anyone working with or looking after them has to have a good understanding and enough experience of supporting children with special needs. The keyworkers assigned for the twins at Bright Beginnings have fulfilled this role very effectively in a caring and pleasant manner. They have also maintained a good communication with us. The safe, stimulating and caring environment at the Bright Beginnings has been a great relief for us and it has effectively contributed to the welfare, not just of the twins, but also of the whole family.

Thank you.