Coronavirus (COVID – 19)

Bright Beginnings continues to follow guidance set out by the UK government. From Monday 16th August, unvaccinated young people up to the age of 18 years and 6 months and fully vaccinated adults are no longer required to self-isolate if they live in the same household as someone with Covid-19 or if they are identified as a close contact of someone with Covid-19.

Those identified as a close contact will be informed by NHS Test and Trace that they have been in close contact with a positive case and advised to take a PCR test. We strongly encourage all individuals to take a PCR test if advised to do so. There is no requirement to self-isolate while awaiting PCR test results and so individuals can attend their setting as usual.

Children and young people who attend an education or childcare setting and have been identified as a close contact should continue to attend their setting as normal.

Though not a requirement, we will continue to share with you any positive cases within our immediate nursery community, but there will be no requirement for the children or fully vaccinated staff members to isolate as a consequence of this. What we will ask is that PCR tests be carried out as recommended in the new guidance.

There may be parents who wish to continue with precautionary isolation and that is entirely up to you. It should be noted that any decision to isolate will be voluntary and therefore full charges will apply. All other precautionary measures are still strongly recommended such as mask wearing, social distancing and regular hand sanitising. Drop off and collection will continue to happen in the same way and this is being reviewed with our staff team.

The centre will continue to insist upon full PCR testing for any child or member of staff presenting with any of the named symptoms of Covid-19 and a negative result must still be shown prior to returning. All the very latest publications and guidance can be seen below.

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We would like to thank the whole of our Bright Beginnings community for your support and patience in getting us this far through the pandemic.