Tim Peake and the Principia Schools Conference

We were absolutely thrilled to have been invited to the Principia Schools Conference on Saturday 5th November to celebrate the work linked to astronaut Tim Peake’s Principia mission that has been done by children of all ages since he blasted off to the International Space Station in December 2015.

A small contingent of staff and children travelled to the University of York to listen to talks and view posters put together by children from all across the UK. They also presented their own poster displaying the work they did for Rocket Science and Peake of the Week which was viewed by leading experts from the space industry and education teams from the UK Space Agency and European Space Agency… as well as Tim Peake himself!

Most exciting of all, they were able to meet Tim Peake and pose for photographs, as well as ask him questions about his time on the International Space Station!

We were delighted to have had the opportunity to share our children’s’ experiences with Tim and other experts and let them know how brilliant our children are.

Thank you to Libby Jackson, Tim Peake, and the UK Space Agency for inviting us!