Pancake Day

We had a very exciting Shrove Tuesday in all of our play areas!

Butterflies did some mixing, using mixing spoons to stir flour and water together to make their own sticky pancake dough. They even flipped their pancakes in their little pans! Caterpillars experimented with edible materials in a tough spot, mark-making with paint brushes and a yummy mixture of blueberries, raspberries, cornflour and water. Millipedes designed their own pancakes, using paint in different colours to simulate the ingredients on a round paper pancake template – they used red paint for lots of yummy ingredients, such as jam and strawberries, and used lots of brown paint in lieu of chocolate! Like Butterflies, Dragonflies made their own pancake dough and cut them into shapes using biscuit cutters. They even made their own chocolate sauce to put on top!