Week Three

This week’s approach to our ongoing art project was cutting and sticking to create our own collages inspired by ‘Helios’, making use of the different materials available in the play areas to form our own colourful, creative pieces of art.

Grasshoppers kept copies of ‘Helios’ handy as inspiration, but they started with an entirely blank canvas, a large sheet of plain white paper to build upon. They used colourful tissue, paper, and other materials to create their own rendition of ‘Helios’ by cutting and sticking different shapes and colours on top of each other. They plan to consider different approaches to the activity throughout the week to create more art works, and they have also revisited last week’s activity by reading their laminated and bound copy of their storybook as a group!

Dragonflies, on the other hand, decided to use ‘Helios’ itself as their canvas. The staff printed out both black and white and colour copies of the painting, and the children decided to bring the monochrome images to life by cutting up the colour image and sticking it on top of the black and white. They enjoyed trying to match the shapes together and mimic the original painting, but they also used pieces of colourful tissue, paper and glue to build upon ‘Helios’ by making additions of their own. They are leaving their canvas on the balcony to dry, and are excited to invite their parents to make their own additions using the resources they will leave next to the painting.

How can you help?

We will be sharing images of the children’s creations throughout the week via Capture and would love to invite parents to comment on the observations! Let us know what you think of their artwork, and we will pass the comments onto the children.

Dragonflies parents can also get involved by adding to the canvas that the team plan to leave on the balcony outside the entrance to the room using the materials provided. For more information, chat to Ruth!

‘Helios’ photo credit: Leeds Museums and Galleries © the artist’s estate.